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Alberta Truck & Trailer - Lease and Financing

We specialize in Heavy truck and trailer lease financing on new and used heavy equipment. If you are buying from a vendor or privately, Alberta Truck & Trailer leasing can have you approved today!

Alberta truck & trailer has financing options for everyone, whether you are a startup or looking for expanding your business.

We work with all types of credits A, B and subprime as well. Give us a call and let us get you on the road today!

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Equipment Leasing & Financing

  • 24-66 Month Finance Terms
  • $10.00 Lease End Buyouts
  • 3 Months No Payments
  • Seasonal Payments

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Types Of Equipment We Finance

  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Dental/ Medical Equipment

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Other Products Available

  • Refinancing Equipment
  • Sale Leasebacks
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Invoice Factoring

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Our Mission- We Care About Customers

Our mission is to serve our customers’ interests by helping them fulfill their business needs in an efficient and timely manner for truck leasing in Edmonton. We are here to help our customers realize their business goals.

Our services are tailored to each individual client’s needs, and our mission is to accelerate our clients’ successes by providing them with the tools they need to develop and expand. We can make your vision for your business real.

aliya mohamedtaki
aliya mohamedtaki
Thank you for all your knowledge and support with financing .Moe went above and beyond to go over all our questions and queries. Would highly recommend Alberta Truck Lease and Financing.
Zena Abdallah
Zena Abdallah
Thanks Moe, We are happy with the new trailer you leased us. Highly recommend Moe for all types of commercial equipment loans
Jake “Jakek”
Jake “Jakek”
I’ll give them a 3 star review between the first truck and this second truck.. The first time I dealt with Moe it all went fantastic and so smoothly I definitely gave him 5 stars for that one and recommended him several times because of it. They did phenomenal. This second times been a nightmare with his lenders. Again not his fault per say but his lenders decline u for absolutely stupid things like the first go around a few lenders just couldn’t get any deals done without employment letter and now had another deal in place and the engine paperwork was not good enough for their records or recent enough because not done by a Cummins shop.. Meanwhile there’s a pile of invoices for engine work from shops that are known and it didn’t matter. Obviously these lenders don’t ever finance anything at these big auction sales like Richie bros or repos like they say.. if so how are they financing those trucks without any history or paperwork at all and a million km??? Super frustrated at this point after both me and the seller were told I was approved by 2 then 3 then 5 lenders.. yet the deal won’t go through…. Times have changed in the industry that’s for sure but these lenders he’s using better get real or they’re going to be losing out fast to real lenders that can make the deal! So done with them.. So next step will be talking to a couple truck dealers here that can apparently finance trucks with 800k on them and no rebuild without problems.. see what they can do to make the deal work… obviously my business meant nothing and as I keep expanding which I will I will keep supporting the company that will stand with me and work. I may mean nothing to them now but 10-15 trucks later down the road that lost business somewhere.
Dustin Gingell
Dustin Gingell
Bought my second truck with Moe. Amazing to deal with. Quick to answer any questions I may have. Sent a few of my contacts to Moe for financing. I will be using them in the future for sure.
Jj Feil
Jj Feil
Thank you for financing my service truck. You and your team went above and beyond to go over all my questions and get me the best rate. Will definitely be using you guys again in the future.
Alllister Snow
Alllister Snow
Have dealt with Moe for the past 10 years, very professional , very knowledgeable just a pleasure to deal with ,have referred many customers to Moe to get financing forequipment I have sold ,and I have heard nothing but the best about their financing experience .
Michelle Hache
Michelle Hache
Great experience, quick response and timely funding. Thank you for financing us a new excavator!
Asad Hasan
Asad Hasan
Had a wonderful experience with Moe!!! Great professional service! They did a great job helping me lease dental equipment! Highly recommend!!!!
Garry Bawas
Garry Bawas
It’s easy to deal with. I recommend it.

Alberta Truck & Trailer FAQs

Can you lease / finance Pre-emission semi trucks?

Yes 2003 and Up all makes models

How much experience do I need to lease / finance my first Semi truck?

Min 2 years class 1 driving experience.

Do I need a down payment to lease / finance a Semi truck & Trailer?

  • Used trucks 10-15% down OAC
  • New trucks 5% down OAC
  • New & Used trailers $0 down OAC

Can I lease / finance trucks & trailers from the US?

Yes we can provide cross boarder financing for Canadian businesses purchasing from authorized vendors only.
We can assist with importation as well.

Can I finance private sale trucks?

Yes you are welcome to purchase a truck anywhere in Canada from online and actions.

What do i need to get pre approved for a truck or Trailers?

First Time Purchase
  • Signed application
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Last 2 year T4
  • Job letter or letter of intent from the company you plan to haul for
2 Years + is Business 
  • Signed application
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Job letter or letter of intent from the company you plan to haul for

Can I get engine rebuild finance?

Yes, Truck must be free and clear up to 36 months financing with 15 to 20% down

Can I refinance my truck or trailer for cash flow?

Yes, we can provide 50-70% FMV work capital on all free and clear trucks.

Do you finance heavy equipment such as yellow iron, agriculture, industrial and other construction machinery?

Yes we finance all types of equipment of all ages , makes and models.

What is the interest rate?

Rates are based on time in business, personal credit and equipment age.
With access to lenders in Canada including all major banks we can structure A ,B and challenged credit.  We shop the best lenders for you.

why lease?

All leases are written to a 10.00 to $750.00 ends.  No lease end buyouts.
Leases can be written off 100%. GST/PST/HST is paid by the lender upfront.

Truck Leasing Services for a Wide Range of Service Industries

Alberta Truck Lease offers the most attractive truck financing services in Alberta for all requirements. We offer a wide range of trucks for different service industries in Alberta. From construction to logistics and mining to maintenance services, we have the perfect truck financing services available for all requirements.


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