With 10 years of experience, we finance just about any piece of equipment. We have worked with all types of customers and operations. With one of the highest approval ratios in the market, we provide fastest turnaround times.

Alberta Truck & Trailer | Lease & Financing Edmonton

Alberta Truck Lease & Financing permits your company to acquire industrial trucks and trailers on lease while not having to buy the machines outright. We seek to convey a tone of sense that how you can operate your expenses in routine by saving your cash from a big hole of investment. Yes, we’re in full swing to satisfy the need of your company because we offer the best industrial trucks, trailers and equipment financing on lease. Our services are specially designed to keep you away from any hassle and your business from a ruining setback. With leasing, you preserve cash flow for everyday operative expenses.

We Are Providing Capital Across Canada

Commercial Truck Leasing

Commercial truck leasing is similar to rental, with the extra advantage of getting a choice to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term.

Alberta Truck Lease can get you the best rates, fast approvals, and flexible finance choices that right for you and your company.

Our reliable, professional service, combined with competitive leasing rates and flexible choices, makes machine leasing with Alberta Truck Lease your best selection. We work with you to get results and save time and money on all your leasing necessities. Contact our commercial department.

Our Mission

To make owning commercial truck, machines as easy as buying a car, we worked with small businesses all over Alberta, British Columbia, all cities Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Red Deer, and many others.

Types of Lease Trucks

  • Light duty trucks such as vans and pickups.
  • Medium duty trucks such as wreckers, flatbeds, dump trucks, moving trucks, and utility vehicles.
  • Heavy duty trucks such as tractor-trailer units, cranes, cement mixers and specialty heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Typical Customers who Lease business Trucks

  • Construction Companies
  • Owner/ Operators
  • Fleet Management Agencies
  • Municipalities

Our Vision & Plan

To be the go-to company for each style of machine lease, no matter what your business or industry.

Connect with us right away to get started with the best truck & trailer lease and financing services in Alberta!